Select schools vote to form new group within LHSAA

New group will focus on planning championship events
Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 9:11 PM CDT
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LAFAYETTE, La. (KPLC) - The cogs inside the LHSAA never stop turning as another footnote in the select/non-select story was made Monday as the select schools voted to form a sub-organization within the LHSAA. The meeting was held at Teurlings Catholic in Lafayette.

The new Louisiana Select Association, or LSA, will focus on the planning and execution of select championship events. Members of the LSA like St. Louis Catholic athletic director Pat Neck, said the move isn’t meant to further split from the LHSAA.

“All things being equal, we want to get back together," said Neck. “That’s the primary goal, but seeing as how we don’t see that as a realistic possibility anytime soon, we felt like collectively as a group of select schools we needed a bit better of representation within the executive committee and also with the LHSAA as a whole because we are out numbered two to one.”

The change comes on the heels of the LHSAA’s vote in January that allowed select schools to break away and host their own separate championships events. The four sports effected by the vote are football, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball.

Many members of the LSA, like the LHSAA, want to have a centralized location for it’s championship events rather than the higher seed hosting.

“The agreement we came to today is that there will be a select place that will have the football championship games. There will be a place that will have the basketball, baseball and softball championships,” said Neck. “What that entailed was every school signing away their right to host if they were the higher seed, because that’s the way it’s written in the rules right now. Only one school didn’t waive their right to host.”

The championship venue change for the LSA can be approved with a majority vote.

“As long as all of the divisions forego their right to host it, you can contract it without a unanimous vote of the membership,” Catholic High athletic director J.P. Kelly told Crescent City Sports.

Kelly was chosen to be the CEO of the LSA, along with a 10-man leadership committee that has representatives from each of the five select divisions. In addition, all four split sports and each area of the state are also represented. Teurlings Catholic principal Michael Boyer and former LHSAA executive director Kenny Henderson are on the board too thanks to their wealth of executive committee experience.

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