How the Equifax data breach affects you

How the Equifax data breach affects you
Equifax data breach

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - You probably heard that credit bureau, Equifax, had a major data breach in 2017 that affected almost 150 million Americans.

The company settled with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission last week for up to 700 million dollars, and over half of that could be paid out as individual compensation.

That’s where you come in, there’s potentially some money out there for you to claim. However, before you’re hoping you were one of the millions affected who can claim money, know that your private information could’ve been comprised.

If your identity was stolen, you could be eligible for 7 years of free identity restoration services. Just call the FTC’s settlement administrator if you think your information was misused.

Now to the money you could claim, it’s actually fairly possible that you can claim $125 due to the breach.

First, check if you were affected. There’s an Equifax Data Breach Settlement website (HERE) where you can find out in about a minute. Just type in your last name and the last 6 digits of your social and it tells you if you were one of the accounts affected.

If you were, you can then make a claim (HERE). Equifax is offering either 10 years of free credit monitoring, or $125. If you pick the cash, they can mail you a check or prepaid debit card after they get final approval from court, which will be this December.

If you think you suffered a setback of more than 125 dollars, there are ways to file your own separate law suit as well.

Either way, you might as well check to see if your data was compromised. You might wind up getting a free $125.

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