Port Arthur LNG proposes 252-mile pipeline

Port Arthur LNG proposes 252-mile pipeline

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - Port Arthur LNG held a meeting Wednesday night for those who may be impacted by a proposed pipeline, stretching from near Port Arthur, Texas to Delhi.

The proposed pipeline 252-mile pipeline called the Port Arthur Pipeline Louisiana Connector Extension Project.

“We’re in the very early stages. All of these projects are regulated by the federal energy regulatory commission. Part of that process involves reaching out to the public, giving them the opportunity to come and learn about our project, to see if the project may or may not affect them, personally, directly," Jim Thompson, environmental project manager, said.

These open houses are a way for Port Arthur LNG to open the line of communication between the company and impacted property owners.

“Part of what we’re doing here is to avoid any negative impacts to any communities. We want to reach out to the people, give them an opportunity to see our proposal and allow us opportunities to make adjustments, modifications in the route,” Thompson said.

However, the process to even start construction on the project is still a few years out.

“We expect to file our application in February of 2020 and receive approval from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in early 2021. The pipeline however won’t start construction until 2022," Thompson said.

From there, it’s estimated it’ll only be six to nine months until the pipeline is complete, all of this pending Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval.

Port Arthur LNG expects about 200 full time jobs will be created to maintain the pipeline.

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