Oberlin family working to restore home after Barry flooding

Oberlin family working to restore home after Barry flooding

OBERLIN, La. (KPLC) - It’s been almost a week since Barry made landfall, and some residents in Oberlin are left to restore their homes. One homeowner there, Stacey Dodd, said he saw as much as 20 inches of water in his house.

“They broke ground in November of 16, and we didn’t move into it until March of 18, so, we just made a little over a year that we’ve been here," Dodd said.

Now, after heavy amounts of rain from Barry, Dodd is having to tear apart his house.

“All our cabinets, you know, the doors, all the doors in the house, we have to take them out. You can actually see where it busted in on the bottom side of the door. It’s just, stuff that can be replaced, but a bunch of stuff can’t," Dodd said.

Some of those irreplaceable items including precious memories of his daughter.

“Bunch of her baby pictures, and stuff like that. Just something, you know, you lost and that you can never get back. You know, it’s just heartbreaking," Dodd said.

In order to get things back to normal, Dodd said it may cost upwards of $10,000.

“I don’t wish this on nobody. I told you earlier, it’s heartbreaking to deal with. I could care less about how much it’s going to cost, you know it’s just— just to see people go through this is heartbreaking enough," he said.

Dodd’s home is in a flood x zone, meaning his family lives in an area of minimal flooding. He said he didn’t see a need for flood insurance, hoping to save a bit of money.

“When you’re not considered a flood zone, most people do like I did, you look at it like this, you look at that bottom dollar. Do I need it? No, but, like I told by buddies yesterday, I said $413 a year wouldn’t have broke me. What’s an extra $20 added to a house loan or anything like that? I can just tell people if you don’t have it, I recommend you get it. Don’t go what we’re going through. It was devastating," Dodd said.

While this has been upsetting, Dodd is just grateful it wasn’t worse.

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