LCPD offers burglary prevention tips

video: LCPD offers burglary prevention tips

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - After recent burglaries in the city, the Lake Charles Police Department is offering burglary prevention tips.

“There’s always a rise in vehicle burglaries during the summertime," Sergeant Larry Moss with LCPD said. "Not always, but there tends to be, and we’ve seen that escalate to some extent.”

Moss says we’re in the middle of summer, and as the temperatures go up, so do the number of burglaries. He says to always remember to lock your doors and windows to your vehicles and to invest in quality locks.

“Folks, me included, leave things in their vehicles that they shouldn’t,”Moss said. “If you can, make that a part of your regular routine, to check your doors. Make sure everything is locked on your vehicle and your home. And there’s a large percentage of home burglaries that occur directly through the home door. Probably a good idea to have quality locks all the way around your house, but especially on your front door. About 37% of burglaries occur through the front door.”

Moss says to be prepared. Take pictures or video of your valuables. Write down the make, model, serial numbers and value of expensive items. He says law enforcement and your insurance company will want this information in the event of a burglary.

“It’s hard to track items just by the make and model,” Moss said. “There are a lot of Sony TVs out there, but yours has a serial number on it, so if we have that exact serial number, if that item turns up, the chances of you getting that item back are exponentially more positive than not having that.”

He says to also make sure you regularly back up your computers and laptops. If they are stolen all of your data will still be preserved.

Moss says if your home is broken into there are several things you should do.

“If you arrive at your residence and you see that someone has broken in or believe someone has broken in, don’t re-enter the home," Moss said. "Call the police from your cell phone, go to a neighbor’s home. There’s no reason for you to go in and check to make sure they are still there or make sure they are gone. That’s something that might cost you your life if you do that. If you are in the home and realize it’s happening, exit out and don’t touch anything. There’s a good chance they’ve touched something and left some fingerprints behind.”

The Lake Charles Police Department has a designated detective who does ‘home site visits’ to help prevent a possible burglary.

“If you are interested in taking a proactive approach you can call 491-1311 and ask for Detective Colby Thompson,” Moss said. “He can specifically look at their residency and tell them things they can do to better prepare themselves for prevention of a burglary.”

Moss spoke on recent burglaries in Lake Charles and says if you can, to put cameras in your home. He says the surveillance footage that can be gathered from a camera can help investigators.

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