CITGO 6 families plead for release of loved ones from Venezuelan military facility

CITGO 6 families plead for release of loved ones from Venezuelan military facility

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -It was terrifying for the Vadells and other families who, for a week, believed the CITGO 6 had been moved from Venezuela’s military counter intelligence agency where they've been captive since November 2017.

Cristina Vadell, whose father Tomeu is one of the six, says it was unbearable.

"When you fear that they may have been moved and you don't know to where, and nobody can help you understand where they are, you're pretty terrified," she said.

It was likewise, for her mother, Dennysse.

“I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t believe that it was happening. We didn’t know what to do, who to talk to," she said.

They now know the men are in that same military facility, but they believe conditions continue to deteriorate. There’s no direct communication.

“Based on the bit of information we got from the family visits, essentially, these men fear for their lives. So, it’s as urgent as that. it’s as urgent as life or death,” said Cristina.

The situation in Venezuela remains volatile. A Venezuelan Navy captain, accused of plotting a rebellion, was tortured and died.

Cristina and her mother plead for the release of Tomeu and the others.

“It’s so unfair because he’s innocent of all these charges,” said Dennysse.

"It's come to time for all stakeholders to work endlessly to secure the release of my father and these men," said Cristina.

July 12th, the U.S. State Department demanded an update on the CITGO 6, after conflicting reports on their welfare and whereabouts. And they again condemned the wrongful detention and treatment of the men at the hands of an illegitimate regime.

The U.S. Treasury issued sanctions against Venezuela’s military counterintelligence agency, in response to the death of the Venezuelan navy captain.

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