Louisiana senators work on bipartisan bill to improve National Flood Insurance Program

Louisiana senators work on bipartisan bil to improve and extend the National Flood Insurance Program

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Barry has come and gone in Louisiana and in it’s aftermath there was flooding and damage. Senator Bill Cassidy said this storm could’ve been much worse for the state.

"The lack of flooding was a testament to investment in mitigation and preparation on the state level and the community level," Cassidy said.

Even so, there was indeed flood damage and many will be seeking assistance. The National Flood Insurance Program has been pushed back time and time again, but Senator John Kennedy said enough is enough.

“We need to do something,” Kennedy said. “We are on our 11th short-term extension over the past 3 years, we need to do something. The congress and especially the senate needs to get up off of it’s ice cold, lazy butt and pass something.”

He says he, along with tens of other senators, have constructed a bipartisan bill to get a more permanent solution for people affected by flooding.

He says the bill extends the National Flood Insurance Program for 5 years and it caps premium increases at 10 percent per year versus the current cap of 25 percent.

"These programs we put forward come from speaking with people back home in Louisiana, as to how we can make the program more affordable and accountable and sustainable," Cassidy said.

“If we can get this bill passed, I think what they will see is the national flood insurance program slowly stabilize financially, and I think people will have the comfort of knowing that their premiums can’t rise more than 10 percent a year,” Kennedy said.

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