First Alert Forecast: Heat continues with limited rain chances this week

KPLC First Alert Forecast Nightcast: Wade has details on the heat

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For the rest of today, it will be hot. There are limited rain chances today. Only a few scattered showers here and there, but the rain chances will be at 20%. With the lower rain chances, there will not be anything to help too the temperature down. So, it will feel like the upper 90s and triple digits all day. Stay hydrated in the heat and use sunscreen if you will be outside for an extended period.

This evening, the temperature will cool down a little bit. The temperature should still be in the 80s, but it will feel like the 90s. Prior to sunset, it may even feel close to 100 degrees. After sunset though, the temperature will cool down. The few showers from today will also come to an end after the sun goes down.

Overnight, the temperature will still be very warm. It will only cool to the mid to upper 70s. Some places will struggle to fall out of the 80s. With the humidity, it will at least feel like the 80s all night. Near the coast, it may feel like the 90s. So, if you are going to be out late, you will still need to stay hydrated since it will be so warm. It will also be partly cloudy with no rain.

Thursday will have slightly lower rain chances. I have a 20% chance for a few pop up showers. The rain will be more limited, and the sunshine should out shining. With lower rain chances, the heat will be on. There will not be anything to help cool the temperature down. So, the temperature will be hot. Temperatures should be in the lower 90s but it will feel like the triple digits through most of the day.

Friday will be more of the same, but with rain chances up to about 30%. So, there will be a little bit of rain, but not much. The little rain we see will help the temperature cool down, but only in those places with rain. Many areas will not see any rain at all. Temperatures will reach the lower 90s and feel like the triple digits in the afternoon.

Saturday will have rain chances go back up a little bit. It will be back to a 30% chance of rain. It will be a day with isolated showers and a couple storms. Overall, it will be a good day. There will still be plenty of sunshine a few passing clouds. Temperatures will top out in the lower 90s.

Sunday will be about the same as Saturday, but with a few more showers. I have the rain chance up to 40%. So, it will be like a typical summertime day. So, expect pop up showers and storms in the afternoon with more heat. The temperatures should top out in the lower 90s with the heat index getting up to 100 degrees.

The daily thunderstorms will continue next week with some sunshine at times. I have a 40% chance of rain Monday and Tuesday next week. Not everyone will see rain, though. Those that do, will have some heavy downpours at times. That will at least help cool the temperatures down. Highs next week will still be around the lower 90s.

Some good news is that the tropics are quiet. There is nothing likely to develop in the next five days! After having Barry passing through not too long ago, we could use a break from the tropics. So, luckily, we will not have to worry about anything for a while. Don’t let your guard down though. It is still hurricane season, and we are yet to reach the peak of the season. Make sure to always have a plan in place.

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