TRACKING BARRY: Sheriff Tony Mancuso gives storm safety tips

Sheriff Tony Mancuso Interview

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Sheriff Tony Mancuso says there is no curfew in Calcasieu Parish, but he warns that doesn’t mean that conditions aren’t going to be dangerous.

“Although we don’t issue a curfew and we aren’t doing any evacuations, we would like the public to be aware that we are going to have toppled trees, we’re going to have some power outages, and those are dangerous conditions for our motorists and people in general. Don’t let your guard down because we dodged a bullet."

Mancuso says they have 30 extra deputies on the streets patrolling.

“Everybody is on the same page and ready so just because we didn’t do an evacuation, and just because we didn’t do a curfew, doesn’t mean we aren’t out of the woods. Use common sense, don’t go joyriding if you don’t have to, and if there is localized flooding be careful and mindful that sometimes these waters if you drive through them it ends up pushing water into people’s houses and things like that, and there’s a danger of toppled trees,” Mancuso said.

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