Sports Person of the Week - Kevin Hardy

Sports Person of the Week - Kevin Hardy

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Basketball is a way of life for the three Hardy brothers. Kevin was the pioneer for their families love of the game.

Growing up, being the oldest I knew I had to set an example for my brothers because I knew they were both watching me at a very young age," Kevin Hardy said. “It makes me proud to go to their games when I am in town and be able to see them develop as their own players.”

“I think him playing and taking it as far as he did was very influential to me and my little brother," said PJ Hardy. "It pushed us to keep going with it and not stop.”

Kevin's basketball career started at St. Louis Catholic. After High School, he played four years at McNeese, where he was a two-time All-Southland conference guard and a three-time member of the league's all-defensive team. Following that, he took his talents overseas.

“It’s definitely a culture shock because it’s totally different than the states," Kevin Hardy stated. "It’s fun though because you get to take in someone else’s culture. In doing so, you learn a lot of different things. You see how people are the same, even though there’s a lot of differences. But as you watch and get to know people from different countries you see how everyone is the same. It’s a really good time meeting new people and getting to experience another culture.”

For the past three years, Kevin has been playing professionally in Romania, but this year he'll be placed somewhere else, that somewhere is still unknown.

“I have no clue yet. There’s a lot of teams that have an interest and we’ll start to go into negations in a few weeks. But basketball is a global game, so a lot of countries have leagues. From Asia, South America, Europe, Australia. So, it’s not just Europe. There are leagues all over the world," said Kevin Hardy. "I could be placed anywhere in the world. It’s fun to see where I’m going to be spending my next few months, but you do get a little anxiety because I’m waiting to see where I’m going to go next.”

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