City of Lake Charles monitoring drainage ahead of heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Barry

City drainage preps

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Southwest Louisiana knows that any severe weather event can definitely bring uncertainty.

Filling sandbags, gathering supplies, and clearing drainage--all part of the routine leading up to any storm.

Lake Charles city administrator John Cardone said they’re hoping for the best but also planning for the worst.

“You never know whether it’s going to be a real big wind event, real big rain event or how it’s really going to impact our community," Cardone said.

In Lake Charles the first steps have already been taken.

“Public works has been looking at making sure the streets are clean, making sure catch basins are clean where we typically have had areas that flooded in the past," Cardone said. "We make a special effort to make sure those drainage systems are clean.”

For residents that live in low-lying areas like Maudry Harris, any rain event puts them on high alert.

“Once you’ve experienced still have that in the back of your mind that feeling of ‘hey it could happen but you hope it won’t," Harris said.

Since Hurricane Harvey, she and other residents who live in Greenwich Terrace said things have gotten a little better.

“During the last heavy rain, the water did come up pretty high, it was like ‘wow, not again’ but then it drained off, so, we know something is working," Harris said.

Although the memory of past storms still linger in her mind, her spirits are high.

“If we get just a little rain and if we get just the water that’s in that coulee right now, we’re going to be jumping for joy,” Harris said.

Although, Southwest Louisiana won’t feel the brunt of the storm, Cardone said the city has an emergency team on standby in the event that conditions worsen.

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