AT&T to start blocking robocalls

AT&T to start blocking robocalls
AT&T to start blocking robocalls. (Source: Gray News)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - We finally have a real break-through on stopping robocalls.

AT&T announcing it will start blocking robocalls. It’s definitely not going to be foolproof, but it sounds like a solid start.

They’re starting a new service called, “Call Protect” where they will block those unwanted calls by default. Customers don’t even have to enroll in it, it’s automatic, though you can opt out.

The service will detect and block a large number of those robocalls completely before your phone even rings... and it will also tell you when a telemarketer is calling by labeling it as “suspected spam.”

AT&T is the first company that will block robocalls by default, and they’re already rolling it out for new customers. However, if you’re currently an AT&T customer, it’ll probably be a couple months before the feature is available on your phone.

Say goodbye to the Beetle

A sad note for fans of the Volkswagen Beetle. After over 70 years of production, the company announced it will stop producing the iconic “bug” car.

The very last batch of bugs will be finished today in Mexico, as Volkswagen switches gears to manufacture a new compact S-U-V.

Once a World War II symbol, it became a beloved icon of the “flower power” movement, but now, in 2019, we say goodbye to the bug.

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