Choosing a legitimate roofing company after experiencing damage

Choosing a legitimate roofing company after experiencing damage

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - A hail storm caused plenty of damage just a few months ago, now homeowners in the Lake Area are looking to get their roofs repaired. But how can a homeowner find a company that’s legitimate?

“I’ve lived here since 1957, and I’ve never seen hail damage like this," Sulphur resident, James Hudson, said when recalling the May storm. “It sounded like chunks of wood, I thought it was limbs hitting our house. Then my wife came in and said ‘no, it’s hailing!’”

Hudson is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of residents in the Sulphur-Carlyss area waiting to get his roof repaired.

When Hudson checked out his own roof, he wasn’t so sure it even needed to be fixed.

“I really couldn’t see anything. But, I decided to call my insurance agent anyway," Hudson said. “They just told me that all these shingles, where they’ve been hit, all them white spots where they’ve been hit it breaks the seal on the tab underneath there and the wind and the rain can blow up underneath there over the years. You may not notice it for several years but eventually it’s going to start leaking.”

So, when looking for a roofer, what should a homeowner look for?

“Just because they give you a business card that says I’m licensed I’m bonded I’m insured, it really doesn’t mean anything until you have that verification," Ronnie Johns, a State Farm agent, said.

Johns has gotten 700 claims since the storm and advises everyone do their homework.

“First of all, make sure they’re licensed. Ask that contractor for their Louisiana contractor’s license number. You can actually go online very easily at the contractor’s board and check that out.”

Johns also said asking for references is key, along with making sure the company is insured and bonded, in case the company causes damage, or, doesn’t finish the job.

A quick check of the Better Business Bureau’s website can also help in your search and raise any red flags.

“I did call the Better Business Bureau to find out, and they had a list of about 18 that were certified, licensed roofers,” Hudson said. “I selected Hahn because it was a fair bid, he had a five star rating and was licensed and everything."

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