Jurors learn that Kevin Daigle’s roommate was killed before Trooper Vincent

Updated: Jul. 8, 2019 at 10:37 AM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Jurors in the capital murder trial of Kevin Daigle were told today that before Steven Vincent was killed so was Blake Brewer, Daigle’s roommate, who lived on Hollyvale drive.

Calcasieu Deputies were asked to check on Brewer when he did not show up for work Monday, August 24, 2015, the day after Vincent was killed. They had to force their way in and found Brewer’s body.

DAY 1 OF TESTIMONY: Jurors watch dash cam video of shooting

Deputies had to force their way in the Brewer’s home where they found him dead of a shotgun blast.

The defense suggested in opening statements, Daigle killed Brewer in self-defense because Brewer came at him with a knife. But CPSO Detective Beth McGee testified that Daigle had no defensive wounds on him that would suggest he being attacked with a knife.

It was a full day for jurors hearing evidence in the trial. Calcasieu Coroner Dr. Terry Welke testfied and showed gruesome autopsy photos of both Vincent and Blake Brewer, both of whom died from a shotgun blast.

The State does not want to allow Daigle’s video statement that the killing of Brewer was in self-defense.

“The state’s position is really very simple, that video is absolutely hearsay. It is also very self serving. And he had a time to generate a defense for himself and talk about that defense in that video. We are not going to allow that video voluntarily to come into evidence,” said DeRosier.

If Daigle were to take the stand in his own defense, then he could testify about it, but he would also be subject to rigorous cross-examination.

Jurors also heard testimony there were bloody clothes in the washing machine at Brewer’s house suggesting that Daigle tried to cleanup after Brewer had died. But the defense countered saying there was blood in almost every room of the house, and so maybe there was no clean up.

Then, again, jurors watched the horrific dash cam video that shows Daigle killing Vincent. This time, two videos taken from different perspectives were played side by side and off camera audio was captioned.

“It is extremely compelling when you watch the video. It’s self evident, precisely what happened and then to watch the good Samaritans that showed up and offered assistance. It’s just heart wrenching,” said DeRosier.

The case is moving faster than expected and it’s possible the State will rest its case Tuesday.

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