Sports Person of the Week - Holly Jones

Sports Person of the Week - Holly Jones

SULPHUR. LA (KPLC) - Video games are played all around the world everyday, even competitively.

One of those e-sports teams – the Bloodhounds. Because these gamers are so immersed in the digital world, their graphics and design must be as elite as they are. That’s where Sulphur native Holly Jones comes in.

“I basically help lead the team, manage the team. I make sure all the graphics are good, the website is good," Holly Jones said. "I make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Jones developed a love for graphic design at a very young age. She saw an idea one day on Instagram and took matters into her own hands.

“This guy had some this really cool edit of himself and I really wanted to learn how to do that. I stayed up all night and kept googling and researching how to do this," said Jones. "I started off on the phone and found some apps and started editing them. Later, I got a laptop and downloaded Photoshop to it which is what I use now. Ever since then I’ve been doing professional sports players edits, some people will commission me to do edits for them. I also do college commitment edits.”

While she’s working in e-sports now, Jones says she’d love to one day take her talents to the big leagues.

“I think in the end if I can get an offer to work for an NBA team or NFL team, I would take it immediately,” Jones stated.

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