‘Something you see in the movies’: 2 vehicles exchange gunfire for miles along I-12 in Livingston Parish

‘Something you see in the movies’: 2 vehicles exchange gunfire for miles along I-12 in Livingston Parish
Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard says Justin Young, 20, (top left), Tyrese Collins, 19, (bottom left), Detron Jefferson, 23, (center), Earl Young, 18, (top right) and Marcus Williams, 19, (bottom right) were arrested for a shootout that occurred along I-12 in Livingston Parish, La., just before midnight on Monday, June 24, 2019. (Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office)

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Authorities arrested five men from Plaquemine, La. in connection with a shootout between two vehicles along I-12 in Livingston Parish on Monday, June 24, according to Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard.

Ard says five men, Detron Jefferson, 23, Tyrese Collins, 19 Justin Young, 20, Marcus Williams, 19 Earl Young, 18, initially met in a parking lot in East Baton Rouge Parish for a “pre-arranged sale of narcotics and a gaming system.”

One of the suspects became upset when Jefferson used counterfeit bills to pay for the drugs and video game console.

The four men selling the items drove away from the parking lot and Jefferson followed them.

They drove down I-12 into Livingston Parish from East Baton Rouge Parish exchanging gunfire the entire time, according to Ard.

(Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office)

The gunfight eventually ended just before midnight on June 24 on Frost Road near French Settlement when Jefferson’s vehicles broke down from the gunfire damage. Jefferson was arrested by Livingston Parish sheriff’s deputies.

The four other suspects, Tyrese Collins, Justin Young, Marcus Williams, and Earl Young, drove away until they were apprehended by the French Settlement Police Department on Louisiana Highway 22.

Officers seized marijuana, counterfeit cash, guns, including an AK 47 and ammunition from their vehicle.

None of the suspects were injured in the shootout despite both vehicles being damaged by gunshots.

Ard said it was “amazing that no one was injured,” including bystanders driving along the interstate.

“This is something you see in the movies – not in Livingston Parish. I am just thankful that my alert deputies were already tracking the gunfire and working with our local partners to pinpoint it before the suspects made their way into more populated areas.”
Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Jason Ard

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