Sulphur residents voice opinions on Lotte noise

Sulphur residents voice opinions on Lotte noise

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Recently in Sulphur a loud jet-like sound has been rumbling through the surrounding area of the Lotte plant.

Lotte officials say the plant was producing ethylene, causing the noise to be heard. Some neighbors in the area say the noise is taking a toll on their living conditions.

This resident did not want to be identified but says this has been taking a toll on him for a while.

"It roars all the time. They do something over there that makes a boom that shakes the dishes on my shelves and the windows on the west side of the house."

Delmar Dolan is another resident who says he has lived here nearly 50 years. He says the plant noise doesn't really bother him at all.

"It's loud, I can hear it from here,” Dolan said. “Not inside the house, But for those people that live down the street closer to it. I imagine it's got to be a pretty tough thing for them to get used to."

We're told some residents have been debating on leaving the area.

"If my kids weren't going to school here, I'd probably think about getting out just because of the noise. It's basically like a neighbor's lawnmower is on all night long."

But ultimately, Dolan says there is nothing people can do but hope the noise level subsides.

“My feeling is nobody is going to do anything about it,” Dolan said. “They can go ahead and complain and move, but they won’t get the plant to move. Never going to happen. It’s there, it’s going to be there.”

Lotte officials say that production ended on Friday and the noise level should steadily decrease over the next few days.

They say they appreciate the public’s patience and understanding.

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