City of Lake Charles ramps up cyber security efforts

KPLC - City of Lake Charles ramps up cyber security efforts

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The city council unanimously approved an initial $290,000 investment into cyber security for all city systems.

The annual cost will be $250,000.

Back in December, the city experiences what it called a “data security incident involving unauthorized access to its information technology systems.” 7News was told that incident in December didn’t compromise any of their systems.

“We had a small incident that was no where near the degree that other cities have seen," Mayor Nic Hunter said.

But, with recent hacks in cities across the country — Hunter said he’d rather be safe than sorry.

“We’ve seen headlines recently about Baltimore, Atlanta — millions of dollars of damage done to their systems— complete outages of city government for weeks at a time. Nothing like that here in Lake Charles, however moving forward this is something proactive we’re doing as a city," Hunter said.

What exactly is at risk if a city government gets hacked?

“Any type of government agency has access to multiple records on employees, on citizens, who have water bills with us. We want to keep that safe. We want to keep our employees safe and we want to keep our citizens safe," Hunter said.

Hunter, again, reiterating the importance of being proactive.

“Again, we’re not thrilled about spending this money, but it is the cost of doing business today," Hunter said.

The city hopes to implement the system by July 1.

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