Local magician’s car, magic props vanish

KPLC - Local magician’s car, magic props vanish

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A local magician’s car disappears, but, this wasn’t a part of a show, instead, a crime.

Aaron Baca has been practicing magic for 11 years. Last week, his car vanished and the props for his business were gone too.

“All of my magic props were in there, and now they’re all gone," Baca said. “For instance, just that illusion is over $500, the one I was talking about with the table, the little rabbits, $100 for that. Another suitcase in there which had $100 to $200 worth of material. A couple other boxes with a bunch of little stuff in it which really adds up."

Baca said his car was found and returned by Lake Charles Police, but the engine was ruined— putting him thousands of dollars in the hole.

“I’m looking at buying a new car, because, like I said, the value of the car, what it is now and having to replace the engine? It’s not going to be worth it," Baca said.

The timing couldn’t have been worse.

“Yeah the wedding? Get in that plane July 26th, so, it’s like, 40 something days away. So, having to look for a new car now, trying to find that. Then, as well, getting a mover, as well panning for the wedding, and the reception and honeymoon and all that. It’s just another big thing to add onto it," Baca said.

He said the support from the local magic community has been overwhelming. Of course, he is still hoping the person who did this is found.

Baca said at the last check, LCPD had no leads.

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