Senator Kennedy discusses Medicaid savings

Senator Kennedy discusses Medicaid savings

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Medicaid, the state’s largest expense, according to Senator Kennedy.

The Department of Health is working to better identify those who really need Medicaid and those who don’t by completing eligibility checks.

Recently, tens of thousands of people were kicked off Medicaid due to a round of these eligibility checks being completed by a new LDH computer system.

Kennedy stated, “I’m sure the department will come back and say ‘well we have a new software program, that’s why we saved all this money.’ They have a new software program because the legislative auditor raised a ruckus about this, as he should.”

Senator Kennedy has proposed a bill in congress with hopes of reducing what he calls ‘Medicaid Waste', “The short way home to fixing this problem is to pass a bill that I’m sponsoring in congress that would basically say all states have to check federal income tax data before putting people on any transfer program, social programs like medicaid, like food stamps, like TANF."

Senator Kennedy said that while 400 million dollars in savings is big, he thinks more can be done, “Number one, I was happy. I said great, we’re saving taxpayer money. My second reaction was, I wonder how much more money we could save if the governor and his audit would let the legislative auditor do his job.”

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