Saints look promising as minicamp closes

Saints look promising as minicamp closes

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - With the offseason program officially over, just how good are the 2019 Saints?

“I don’t know that you know until the first quarter pole of the season," head coach Sean Payton said. "Certainly you feel the experience and the competitive nature of guys.”

That’s an encouraging sign. This team and most of the players on it have accomplished a lot over the last two years.

Sometimes that kind of success can lead to complacency during the offseason, but that has not happened here.

“We’re trained as coaches to prepare the players in a way where each week 31 other teams are preparing,” Payton said. "So , it’s hard to measure this invisible race that’s taking place this early where everyone else is at. "

That’s where it gets tricky. While you look to improve, so is everyone else. That’s why the focus for the Saints is solely on the Saints and worry about the rest later.

“You just have to assume they’re going full speed and making gains and improving their team,” Payton said. "The focus just becomes a lot more inward relative to yourself and that’s where we like to keep it now. "

In about six weeks when training camp gets rolling, that focus will only get more intense.

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