Local apartment residents concerned over renters insurance

Local apartment residents concerned over renters insurance

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Local apartment residents voiced their opinions Wednesday because their complex will soon require them to buy renters insurance and asking them to name the complex as the ‘additional interest’ on the policy.

“This letter, just was that’s it. It broke the camel’s back and I’m fed up with it," Kenneth Garza, a concerned resident, said.

Garza has been living at the Le Chateau apartments for over three years.

“Everybody woke up with a letter, I showed you the letter earlier, requiring us as a tenant to get insurance on the required insurance on our apartment. But listing them as an added person of interest on the policy," Garza said.

After receiving the letter, especially with what he calls a deteriorating apartment complex, he had to speak out.

“As you can see, the deterioration of the steps, that’s a safety issue for people who live upstairs. On my balcony, I won’t even step out there anymore. I hope somebody out there that is concerned about the safety of the people, will come and inspect it and say ‘hey, this needs to be up to par,'" Garza said.

7News talked to Le Chateau, and they addressed concerns about the deterioration and the letters residents received.

According to Le Chateau, the contractor who deals with the complex is awaiting a permit to fix the 40 different staircases throughout.

Le Chateau said as of now, all new tenants will be required to have renters insurance, and those currently living there will only need to get it once their lease is up for a renewal.

The apartment provided us with the email sent to residents explaining the new requirement:

“One new property requirement is that you must maintain at least $100,000 of personal liability insurance. You must name Le Chateau, the landlord, as the “additional interest” on this policy. This means the insurance company would notify us in the event of a lapse or cancellation.”

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