McNeese baseball coach Justin Hill reflects on end of 2019 season

McNeese coach Justin Hill reflects on 2019

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Any time a season comes to an end, there’s a rush of emotions. Sadness, because the season is done, but yet happiness, because of the journey. That’s how McNeese coach Justin Hill described his feelings in his final press conference of the season Tuesday morning.

“You hit rock bottom when it’s over. You have to pick yourself up and get going," admitted Hill. “I don’t know how other sports are, but most of the time when a season ends, you’re going to see them because they still have classes and finals. We were done with finals for four weeks before we finished up. So, literally when the plane landed on Sunday that was the last time I saw those seniors. You’re packing up your stuff and within 48 hours the whole team is gone."

The 2019 Cowboy team had plenty to be proud of following a Southland Conference Tournament championship and a regional appearance. However no amount of success can prepare a coach for the offseason.

“It’s funny because the mornings are similar because it’s usually quiet, but the afternoons are when things would start to pick up. You’d hear the bats going and you’d start to hear some chatter. Now, there’s no chatter. I think that’s when it starts to hit you that they are home,” said Hill. "I also think that’s the thing that you hate is that you don’t get to be together and play together anymore as a team. You don’t get to continue growing. As great as it was, it still feels the same when it’s all over.”

Things will be quiet for a while at Joe Miller Field, but coach Hill made it very clear that work is in progress for a repeat in 2020.

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