Sulphur High School students donate radar speed signs to city through SCIP

KPLC - Sulphur High School students donate radar speed signs to city through SCIP

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - Five Sulphur High Schools students were able to donate two radar speed signs to be placed on Beglis Parkway in school zones through the Sulphur Community Impact Program.

This is the second year of Tellurian Inc.'s Youth Community Impact program in Southwest Louisiana. The program was launched in 2017 with Sulphur High School, so it became known as the SCIP, or the ‘Sulphur Community Impact Program.'

Each year, Tellurian Inc. provides a $25,000 grant to help fund the program.

Through the program, a select group of Sulphur High students are able to look at problems in the area and try to find a solution. Last year’s SCIP group placed three Little Free Pantries across the city.

This year, the group of Sulphur High students included junior Alejandra Gomez and sophomores Samantha Ducote, Haley Denton, Charity Celestine, and Kyla Malbrough. They decided to focus on speeding and pedestrian safety in the city after meeting with Mayor Mike Danahay and Police Chief Lewis Coats to learn more about issues facing the city and it’s residents. Through the grant, they provided two radar speed signs to the City of Sulphur to be placed on Beglis Parkway. One will be located next to W.W. Lewis Middle School and the other next to R.W. Vincent Elementary School. The total cost for the donated signs were $7,402.

“This has been an amazing opportunity to make a real difference in our community and help keep our children safe.” Gomez said.

“I’m happy," Malbrough said. "I’m excited to see all of this come together. It’s really mind blowing because you start in a small classroom with these people you don’t really know them and you come together and build this huge thing that’s really good for the community.”

Police Chief Lewis Coats calls it the ideal location for the signs.

“Being on this corridor here is going to be great, because this is probably one of the biggest speeding complaints during the school time hours that we have in the city.” Coats said.

As part of the partnership agreement, the City of Sulphur will install the donated signs and incorporate any ongoing maintenance into the city budget.

“You’ve thought about the children of our area in these schools that sit on this major corridor here and their safety on a day to day basis," Mayor Danahay said. "Y’all should be commended to what your efforts are going to be for years to come.”

The students will be hosting a second project launch event later on this summer, while the remainder of the $25,000 grant will provide 15 scholarships to students attending summer TECH camps the Calcasieu School System hosts each summer.

Tellurian Inc. says they hope to expand the program to other schools across Southwest Louisiana.

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