Police investigate after puppy found in Kinder dumpster

Police investigate after puppy found in Kinder dumpster
A puppy found in a dumpster in Kinder has a happy ending finding his forever home.

KINDER, La. (KPLC) - The Kinder Police Department says they are investigating after a puppy was found in a dumpster off of U.S. 165.

According to the Humane Society of Louisiana, Michael “Dallas” Kerr, a manager at Fausto’s Restaurant, was emptying a trash bin into the dumpster next to the restaurant when he saw two ears sticking out. After pushing trash to the side, he saw it was a Blue Heeler-mix puppy with a deep 2-inch gash on the side of his neck, right below his chin.

“He immediately brought it to Oakdale Veterinary Clinic where they checked it out, bandaged it, treated it, then he brought it to the Kinder Police Department and reported it to us.” said Det. Rocky Fontenot, with Kinder police. “I don’t see how anyone could do something like that, but you never know, and we would really like to find who is responsible for it.”

Fontenot says Kinder police are currently looking through surveillance footage from nearby businesses to find who left the puppy in the dumpster.

Fontenot ask anyone with information to contact Kinder police at 337-738-2600.

In a statement, Jeff Dorson, Humane Society of Louisiana Director, wrote, 'The rescue of Fausto was posted on social media and several individuals contacted HSL to help with the investigation and pay for Fausto’s medical care. HSL officials spoke with Michael who they described as a humble and mild-mannered hero, who has shied away from any publicity. However, the Humane Society is hoping to find the person(s) who placed Fausto in the dumpster. Had Michael not discovered him when he did, little Fausto could have died from thirst, infection, or had been crushed by the trash-hauling truck. Fortunately, the tragedy was averted the moment Michael saw Fausto and lifted him out of the dumpster.

Fausto is already feeling much better and was with Michael when he opened his restaurant early this morning. During this afternoon, however, Fausto was transferred to Rachelle McCellen, another Kinder resident, who agreed to look after Fausto during his convalescence. Rachelle rehabilitates wildlife and has experience in treating injured animals. Rachelle happened to be looking to adopt a Heeler, so the timing couldn’t have been better. Rachelle officially adopted Fausto as soon as she saw him and cleaned his wound. HSL has agreed to pay all of Fausto’s medical bills until he fully recovers.

Fausto’s story has already been read and shared by thousands of people on social media and everyone concurs that Michael is the real hero of this story. If we lived closer to Kinder, we definitely would host a hero’s reception for Michael at his restaurant. He is clearly deserving of everyone’s praise. But since we can’t travel that far, we hope others will patronize his restaurant and give him a pat on the back. We need to encourage others to be kind and compassionate whenever possible.'

Police say they have located the dog’s owner and are working to find out how it ended up in the dumpster.

The puppy, aptly named Fausto now, is currently being taken care of by a local family, who says Fausto is recovering from surgery.

Those interested in donating to Fausto’s care and to HSL’s emergency medical fund can donate online at www.humanela.org or on the Humane Society’s page on Facebook (look for the donate button): https://www.facebook.com/HumaneLA/?epa=SEARCH_BOX.

The Humane Society says it is offering a $500 reward for “information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the crimes committed against Fausto.” Tips can be given by calling the Humane Society at 901-268-4432. All tips will be forwarded to the Kinder Police Department.

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