Checking your Facebook privacy settings

Changing your Facebook privacy settings

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Around 2 and a half billion of us use Facebook on a monthly basis. It’s become such a huge part of our lives. It knows just about everything about us... which, if you think about it, is scary.

The company has been making headlines a lot recently for different privacy concerns. Some say they sell our information to advertisers, or other companies without our consent. However, you might be giving consent without knowing it. And that new facial recognition feature? It’s pretty cool, but do you want a company having that kind of information?

Well it’s up to you, but here’s how to turn off some of these potentially unwanted features.

Let’s start with making sure other apps and websites don’t have access to your Facebook profile.

To do that, go to “settings” on Facebook; click on “apps and websites," and make sure it is set to “active.” Here you can see which third party apps or websites you’ve allowed to have access to your information through Facebook. Just click on the box next to the apps you want to remove, and hit “remove.”

Next let’s take a look at the facial recognition feature. It’s pretty handy, especially when you want to be notified when someone adds a picture of you, but if you want to turn it off for privacy concerns, it’s easy.

Click on the “question mark” at the top of your Facebook page, then “privacy shortcuts." Then click “control face recognition.” Here you can decide if Facebook uses technology to find pictures of you through facial recognition.

Lastly, a basic setting that we need to all make sure to consider. Make sure your friends are the only ones that can see your posts and information.

Go to “settings," then “privacy,” and select “Who can see your future posts," and change it to “friends.”

For more tips on privacy settings on Facebook, head over to this article by Consumer Reports.

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