Vehicle burglars strike Sulphur area overnight, suspects caught on camera

Vehicle burglars strike Sulphur area over night, suspects caught on camera

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - Vehicle burglars struck the Sulphur area in the early hours of Monday morning. Sulphur Police say they were targeting unlocked cars, as usual.

The burglaries happened in the Mimosa Park neighborhood, where Aimee Boutin said her husband’s truck was one of the many cars burglarized.

"This was the first time my husband ever went to bed without locking his door,” Boutin said. “We had just gotten something out of there so of course it had to be that night."

Katelyn Mcilnay, Aimee’s neighbor, wasn’t affected by the burglaries. She said locking her doors has become a force of habit.

“Thankfully we do that, but some people feel safe enough in this neighborhood they feel they didn’t have to,” Mcilnay said. “Now, they’ve had that sense of security taken from them.”

Captain Jason Gully with Sulphur Police wants to remind people to lock it or lose it.

“Seems like the majority of our break-ins are people that leave their doors unlocked, they’re getting in, looking for change, weapons, computers, electronics, whatever they can find,” Gully said.

These residents say for now, they are just looking to get their piece of mind back.

"We have kids in the neighborhood that run around and play,” Mcilnay said. “Just to think that any of us could be affected by it is scary. We would really like to catch these guys and just have a little sense of security back."

Sulphur Police say this is currently under investigation. Anyone who recognizes the suspects in the video or have any information are asked to contact Sulphur Police.

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