McNeese preparing for regional opener against No. 23 Indiana State

McNeese preparing for regional opener against No. 23 Indiana State

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - McNeese is playing postseason baseball again for the first time since 2003. The Cowboys took to Hawkins Field 24 hours prior to game time with the goal to keep on doing what got them here.

The Cowboys are 15-4 since April 24.

“It is great. I love being out here and being able to experience this with the guys that I have shed blood, sweat, and tears with,” said Cowboy outfielder Shane Selman. “I think we’re all happy to be here.”

Despite being saddled up in the Vanderbilt regional, McNeese will avoid Vanderbilt in the opening round, instead they’ll clash with #23 Indiana State.

The Sycamores look a lot like the Cowboys in the stat sheets. Although ISU is both a top 25 team in fielding and team ERA. Whoever scores last may win this game.

“Who knows what can happen. The sun may get in someone’s eyes or someone might do something they haven’t done all year like hit a home run or someone may have a bad first inning,” McNeese head coach Justin Hill said. “I think if chalk holds up, that’s probably what you were going to see, which is a tight ball game. The team that doesn’t screw it up will probably be the team that wins.”

Cowboy coach Justin Hill will send Aidan Anderson to the mound to make just his 6th start of the season. The reliever turned starter has been strong in his starts with a 4-1 record. That includes his last one, a complete game vs Incarnate Word in the SLC tourney

“I think that is our best option to be able to try and get into the winner’s bracket,” Hill admitted. "We’re obviously playing a good team coming out, so I think Aidan will give us the best chance to get off on the right foot.

“To me, it doesn’t really matter what game or what role he wants me to pitch,” pitcher Aidan Anderson said. “You just have to forget about the role and if Coach asks you to get three outs on the first or three outs in the ninth or pitch three to four innings or whatever it may be, you just have to be ready to do that and keep winning.”

Every ball park usually has a quirk, and Hawkins Field is no exception. It’s hard to miss the 35-foot wall in left field reminiscent of Fenway’s Green Monster. Just 310-feet away from home, the Cowboys are aware it’s a game-changer.

“It gives you something to hear that and it’s a big target and it’s fun to play on,” Selman added. “In centerfield it’s tough, I’ve never played on anything like this. I just have to stay on my toes and be ready because anything can happen.”

The field plays small which promotes more dazzling hits and runs on the board. We’ll see how that will affect the Pokes coming up at Noon for game one.

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