Bill hopes to redefine requirements for car seat use

Bill hopes to redefine requirements for car seat use

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Senate Bill 76 was sent to Governor John Bel Edwards’ desk and it could soon set new requirements for car seats.

“I mean, a little extra protection never hurt any kid," Amber Seal, local mom of four, said.

SB76 would require:

  • Children younger than two, to be in a rear-facing car seat
  • A child two years or older who has reached the rear-facing height and weight limits— must be in a front facing car seat with a harness
  • Four and up who’ve outgrown their car seat must be in a booster seat
  • Starting at nine years old, children can use a regular adult seat belt and those 13 and under must ride in the back seat

“I was happy for it because I agree with it. I’ve always kinda followed extended car seat use with my kids," Seal said.

Seal said she’s known by her friends for her strict rules with car seats.

“The younger ones all rear-faced until they were a little over three. My 7 1/2 year old— he’s been in a five point harness until this last week," Seal said.

She said she’s seen plenty of kids who aren’t properly restrained. Seal said she’d rather play it safe than sorry when it comes to her own children.

“We’re always in the car, we’re always on the road, and you never know who else is driving out there. I mean, we can get in a wreck and it could be our fault, it could be someone else’s fault. But you don’t know who’s on the road, you don’t know what the weather’s gonna do, or just what’s going to happen. You can help keep your kids safer," Seal said.

If the governor signs the bill, these requirements would go into effect August 1.

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