DeRidder girl asks for food donations for city pound in lieu of birthday presents

Girl donates 1000 pounds of dog food for her birthday

DERIDDER, La. (KPLC) - A DeRidder girl celebrated her 10th birthday by not asking for gifts, but food donations to be made to the city pound.

“I asked for dog and cat food because I care about animals more,” Aedan Gillen said.

This isn’t the first time Gillen has done this. Last year she also asked for donations to give to the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office and ended up giving over 500 pounds of dog and cat food.

This year, she doubled the amount; donating 1,000 pounds to the DeRidder City Pound.

“Is well received because the funds come out of the city and I can’t recall the last time we got a large donation other than around Christmas when we got a small donation of blankets, towels, bedding and food," Sgt. Richard Muro with the DeRidder Police Department, said. "But this is a great help to the canines, to the city, but especially to the animals.”

Muro is currently in charge of DeRidder Animal Control.

“It’s like a combination of running a jail and a daycare center,” Muro says the donation is greatly appreciated. “I want to tell these young ladies and to whom all were involved with the donation thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, they thank you, and the community thanks them as well.”

Gillen was able to meet some of the animals the donation would be helping and says she plans on doing this again for her birthday next year.

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