Local widow demands justice for husband who died after altercation in Vinton

Local widow demands justice for husband who died after altercation in Vinton

VINTON, La. (KPLC) - A shocking video got national attention after a woman in Las Vegas was caught on camera pushing an elderly man off of a bus, he hit the sidewalk hard and eventually died from his injuries a month later. Now, that woman is facing a murder charge.

A woman from Orange, Texas, FeLica Manuel, is drawing similarities between that case and her husband’s death, the only difference she said is the man responsible is still walking free.

In October 2016, FeLica said her husband Damian went to Angels nightclub in Vinton to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was there he got into an altercation with the bouncer.

“He fell back and hit his head on the concrete and he was out," FeLica said.

She said Damian went into a coma — one he fought for a year and a half to wake up from.

“He started off in ICU and ended up being there for a month before they transferred him to an extended care hospital. While he was in ICU the doctor’s prognosis was that if we didn’t pull the plug, which is what they suggested, that he would end up being a vegetable," FeLica said.

While she said Damian did make some progress, even opened his eyes, he eventually succumbed to his injuries in January 2018.

“After he passed in January, from the injuries he sustained from the punch, I was expecting the district attorney’s office or the local authorities, whoever’s in charge of that, to find Aaron Warren and present him with new charges, and, of course, lock him up," FeLica said.

But, that didn’t happen — one Assistant District Attorney for the Calcasieu District Attorney’s office, Elliott Cassidy, said Aaron Warren was arrested for a battery charge.

“It initially came to our office as as a felony battery case. That case was closed," Cassidy said.

At this point, the incident is being re-investigated by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office because of Damian’s death.

“The subject of the investigation is whether or not there are any new charges warranted. That’s what they’re investigating," Cassidy said. “We’re working hand in hand with the sheriff’s department. As they investigate the case, we review it.”

A request for certain medical records is still pending and while the district attorney’s office continues to review the investigation, FeLica said she’ll still fight to get justice for her late husband.

“If you don’t push for anything, nothing gets taken care of," FeLica said.

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