FCC working to eliminate robocalls

FCC working to eliminate robocalls
The FCC proposes new rules that would allow phone companies to block robocalls before they reach customers. (Source: Adrianna Calvo from Pexels)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - When your phone rings and you don’t know the number, you probably don’t even answer anymore. Odds are, it’s not a real call.

Americans receive over 160 million robocall a day, and the number is rising.

The FCC is trying to stop these annoying calls and scams from happening, and they’re taking a different approach. They are proposing a new rule that will require cell phone carriers to automatically sign up their customers for robocall blocking technology.

This new rule would result in carriers blocking those fake phone calls before they even get to your phone by either sending them to voicemail automatically or completely blocking them.

Unfortunately, even if the rule goes into effect it’s not going to stop all of them, but you could notice a significant drop in robocalls by the end of the summer.

For now, go ahead and add your number to the national do not call registry (HERE), and think about downloading an app designed to block those unwanted calls. You can find links to some of those for iPhones HERE, and for Androids HERE.

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