Protecting your luggage while traveling

Protecting your luggage while traveling
Prevent your luggage from being lost or stolen (Source: anyaberkut)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Getting ready for vacation can already be stressful as it is. The last thing you need is to show up to your destination without all your luggage.

Unfortunately, it happens, luggage gets damaged or even stolen sometimes and it can absolutely ruin your trip.

According to the latest Air Travel Consumer Report, U.S. airlines mishandled 1.8 million checked bags last year, which includes luggage that was lost, damaged, ransacked or stolen.

So what are some ways to protect your luggage?

For starters, lock up your bag with a TSA friendly lock, that way no one’s getting into your bag the easy way.

Think about using a protective cover or paying for a baggage wrapping service because if someone is looking to rummage through bags, they’re going to pick the easiest targets.

To protect it from being accidentally taken or stolen from the baggage claim area, consider going with a more flashy look for your luggage (hot pink typically does the trick).

You can also sign up for bag tracking. Some airlines will even let you do it straight from their app now. Your bags will be scanned at check-in, when it’s loaded onto the plane, during a transfer of flights, and upon arrival.

Lastly, keep records of what you pack. It may not help you prevent anything, but it will certainly help when you file a claim with the airline or your insurance.

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