Law enforcement prepares for Pres. Trump’s visit to SWLA

Final Preparations for Pres. Trump’s visit to SWLA

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - President Donald Trump is set to visit Sempra’s Cameron LNG facility Tuesday afternoon, marking a major event for Southwest Louisiana.

President Trump is expected to tour the facility in addition to delivering remarks on energy infrastructure projects and economic growth in Southwest Louisiana.

This visit means extra security measures will need to be in place from wheels down to wheels up.

A number of local law enforcement agencies are banding together in preparation for Tuesday’s visit.

“We’ve worked with this type of thing before with the secret service and I don’t think we’ve had the extended amount of requests this time as opposed to previous visits, but we are able to handle it all and manage it all,” said Cameron Parish Sheriff, Ron Johnson.

From city officials and police departments to medical professionals and airport staff, it takes a village to get the Lake area ready.

“Just about every division in this sheriff’s office is involved,” said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff, Tony Mancuso. “Our Marine division, our SWAT team, our intelligence division, uniform patrol, motorcycles, everything will be involved and coordinate efforts.”

The president will highlight the Cameron LNG facility as an example of how energy and industrial projects create jobs.

“LNG is very important to us but also to the nation; Trump realizes that--how important energy is to the nation and he’s promoting that, just as he said he would.” said Sheriff Johnson.

Law enforcement agencies from across Southwest Louisiana will be on hand for the presidential visit, with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office serving as lead agency.

“This is something we’ve done in the past and we’re used to it,” Mancuso said. “We have deputies that are trained in VIP security detail.”

As of now, few details are being released.

“As far as concrete details and I’ve learned in doing this that those change pretty rapidly we do have a tentative itinerary but I’ll leave that up to the secret service to coordinate with the media," Mancuso said.

Sheriff Ron Johnson said this particular visit is special for many as the president will recognize something so vital to the local economy.

“We grew up with pipelines in our backyard," Johnson said. "We’ve been an energy corridor in addition to the Calcasieu Ship Channel we’ve been very important to United States energy and we’re proud of that.”

While few details are being released, law enforcement did tell 7News that at some point on Tuesday, Highway 27 will be closed to 18-wheeler traffic.

This visit marks President Trump’s third trip to Louisiana since taking office in 2017.

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