Kinder area mom drives through flooding to get to son’s graduation

Kinder area mom drives through flooding to get to son’s graduation

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One Kinder area woman went the extra mile this weekend to be there for her son’s big day.

Debra Reeves has seen flooding near her home multiple times before. Her home has never flooded, but the water was a cause for concern for Reeves this weekend when her son was set to graduate from McNeese.

“I have to get out, I have to see him graduate. So he had all kinds of ideas, because that’s my dad. So we chose the tractor idea so he put us on his green John Deere tractor and we headed out across the flooded waters,” Reeves said.

She, along with her husband and father, drove through the high water, barely making it through.

“It was pretty crazy, you know, just being on there and at one point the water got really high on the tractor and I said ‘Daddy! It’s coming up’ and he said ‘We can’t slow down,' " Reeves said, laughing. "So, yes. I was bound and determined that I would be there with him and get to see this day. I want to be there for every moment and I have been able to.”

It was a successful journey because she was able to see her son get his diploma.

“She definitely proved that she is the best mom and will always be the best mom. She’s not a very tall person but I bet she would’ve swam through that if the tractor wasn’t an option to come see me graduate with her clothes in plastic bags." said Reeves’ son, Elliott. "She would do anything to be there for us and I know she’ll always be there for us.”

“I would,” Reeves said in response.

Elliott received his Bachelor’s in biology and will be starting physician assistant school in Shreveport May 20.

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