Mimosa Park in Carlyss filled with water overnight, neighbors say it’s not the first time

Severe flooding in Mimosa Park neighborhood

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC) - Many places across Southwest Louisiana experienced flooding Friday morning, and Mimosa Park in Carlyss was no exception.

On Friday, people were kayaking down the streets, and even fishing off the back of their trucks.

While they’re trying to make the best of a bad situation, they say the flooding isn’t a joke.

“Most people can’t get to work, they can’t go get groceries, they can’t get nothing to eat," James Seal, a resident said.

Seal said this isn’t an isolated incident. Many neighbors said every time there’s a heavy rain, their streets flood to the point where they aren’t drive-able.

“This has happened a couple times in the last couple months, with the last bad rains we’ve had," Jared Swinney, a homeowner said.

Swinney has lived in the neighborhood for about a year, and he said it seems like the more homes that are built, the worse the drainage gets.

“They’re still developing around us, the homes are probably going to more than double before this is over with," Swinney said.

His neighbors agreed, saying they just want to know that they’re being heard, and that something will be done to fix the issue.

“We obviously just want to see the drainage issues addressed, we want the infrastructure put in place to get rid of the water as more houses are being built, and there’s going to be less places for the water to go," Swinney said.

KPLC has reached out to the builder, and hasn’t heard back.

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