Hackberry residents react to Pres. Trump visiting Cameron LNG

Hackberry residents react to President Trump visiting Cameron LNG

HACKBERRY, LA (KPLC) - Hackberry residents are starting the countdown to President Donald Trump’s visit to Cameron Parish next week.

“I think it’s a good thing," Charles Marz said. "I’m looking forward to it. I want him to bring me a cap. I want one of them red caps. Make America Great Again. Yes! MAGA 2020, just MAGA, I’ll take either one.”

“Everybody was like surprised like what?" Carlos Lopez said. "We’re waiting. Everybody is excited. Everybody.”

Lopez says he has worked at Cameron LNG for the last three years.

“Yeah I was a little shocked," Jim Brown said. "I didn’t realize he would take the time to come down this far to Cameron Parish. Real excited about that. I’m really glad to see he takes the time to come this far south.”

Brown owns Brown’s Grocery in Hackberry, which recently celebrated 40 years of business.

“Very surprised and very happy to see him come," Carl Giles said. "I’d like to be down here when he came.”

Sheriff Ron Johnson says Secret Service will visit in a few days to prepare for the Commander in Chief’s arrival.

“The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office came up and called my Chief Deputy and let him know what was happening and let them know our first scheduled security meeting and things like that.”

For his third trip to Louisiana since his inauguration, President Trump will be visiting the Cameron LNG Export facility near Hackberry, where production is expected to begin within days, according to an executive.

Trump is expected to discuss liquefied natural gas and the jobs the industry produces when he visits May 14.

“We’re really excited about this because Hackberry, Cameron LNG, Chenier, Cameron Parish, Venture Global, it’s important to the nation," Johnson said. "Now President Trump being President Trump, he realizes how important energy is. He’s going to use that energy and natural gas to promote America just like he said he was. So we are very excited about him coming.”

Ryan Bourriaque, state representative for District 47, says he is equally as excited to see the president visit Southwest Louisiana.

“President Trump’s pending trip to Cameron Parish is an indication of the resilience, pride, and determination of Cameron Parish and their citizenry,” Bourriaque said. “Cameron Parish has welcomed these industries to our area and have partnered with them to help fuel the world. It’s amazing to see where the Parish is today after incurring two main storm events in Rita and Ike. Although there is still much work to be done, I feel the next generation should have the opportunities we all have hoped for. Regardless of party affiliation or political philosophy, it is a matter of pride for a community to host a sitting president of the United States. I congratulate the community of Hackberry, Cameron LNG, and Cameron Parish on this wondrous occasion.”

Sempra Energy, one of the companies that owns Cameron LNG, declined to speak on camera, but released a statement stating, “Sempra Energy is pleased to welcome the President of the United States along with a bipartisan group of federal, state and local stakeholders to celebrate the completion of construction of Train 1 of the Cameron LNG facility in Hackberry, LA. Over 11,000 workers contributed to the construction of this premier energy infrastructure project which will enable the export of abundant and clean natural gas to global markets, bringing resilience and energy security to millions. Sempra Energy works closely with a range of government officials and other stakeholders as we pursue these shared goals and is pleased to recognize the important milestone of completing construction of Train 1. Cameron LNG Phase 1 consists of three liquefied natural gas (LNG) production trains, the second two trains are in advanced construction. It is one of five LNG export projects Sempra Energy is developing in North America that are expected to enable the export of over 45 million tons of LNG per year to global markets. Sempra’s other projects include Cameron LNG Phase 2, previously authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which encompasses up to two additional liquefaction trains and up to two additional LNG storage tanks; Port Arthur LNG in Texas, which was also recently authorized by FERC; and Energía Costa Azul (ECA) LNG Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Mexico.”

In April, Trump issued a pair of executive orders aimed at rolling back regulations on energy production and promoting fossil fuel development.

The Cameron site is expected to create 10,000 construction jobs as the build-out continues.

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