Paranormal Cirque owner addresses concerns from public about show

Paranormal Cirque owner addresses concerns from public about show

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Paranormal Cirque rolled into town Monday and many people in the Lake Area have already taken to Facebook to air out their grievances about the adult-themed show.

“If you’re a Christian, and you actively seek the word of God, then this is not for you," Candiace Fontenot, who opposes the circus, said.

Fontenot is one of a handful of people who voiced their concerns on social media — saying she believes the show is satanic.

“I immediately knew this was not God’s will. This is of Satan. Evil dwells with activities that invite him," Fontenot said.

Fontenot wasn’t alone in her opinion against the controversial circus.

“We have to be aware of just how real the forces of Satan are. A lot of people think ‘oh that’s just a bunch of bologna. no no no he doesn’t exist.’ But he does, he does. And he’s out, you can see the evidence of that," Albion Norman said. “This is just another stepping stone to him taking control a little more in a quote more innocent seeming way where people are fooled.”

After seeing those comments online, Manuel Rebecchi, who owns Paranormal Cirque, spoke out Wednesday hoping to clear up any confusion surrounding the show.

“When you actually see the show and you see our video, you can see the adults having a great time. Nobody here is eating children or doing voodoo stuff. I’m against, I’m a catholic. I go to church, I try to go to church every Sunday," Rebecchi said.

He does admit, though, this show is geared towards adults. They don’t allow anyone under 13 years old into the circus and requires adult supervision for those kids 13 to 17 years old who might want to attend.

“It’s because we care about your family and your children. We want to give a good example, but this is an adult show," Rebecchi said.

Rebecchi said he hopes people will come to see the show before they make any judgement.

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