Fans talk predictions, excitement on ‘Avengers Endgame’ opening night

Opening night: Avengers End Game premiers

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A big night at theaters across the country.

“Avengers Endgame” caps off over a decade of Marvel movies, 8,000 showtimes sold out in the U.S., including those in Lake Charles.

Some fans were at a loss for words before taking their seats.

“Oh my gosh I can’t even express how excited I am," Jeff Miller said.

“I can’t really explain how excited I am because I’m like, dying," Tracie Sensat said.

“Super excited, I’ve been binge watching all the movies to try and catch up on them," Kris Eblen said.

“It’s been like 20 years for the hardcore fans so we’re like *grunts*. We’re ready," Brandon Myers said.

The movie is over three hours long, making it the longest Marvel movie this far. So, what happens if these super fans needed to take a break?

“I’ve never really taken a break from a movie before so I mean it won’t be an issue for me," Miller said.

“We’re hitting the restrooms right now, we’ll hit them 10 minutes before the movie starts and if all else fails, go in the seat,” Wendy Turner said.

“We saw an article on when to take breaks, and she has it memorized, because she’s the one to take most breaks. I’m good at you know, holding it in," Sensat said.

“Endgame” has been highly anticipated since the credits rolled on “Infinity War." How did these movie goers believe it’ll all come to an end?

“Captain America? I think he’s a goner," Turner said.

“My bet would be, Iron man, I think, is going to end up sacrificing himself to kill Thanos and I really think they’ll probably end up sending Captain America back in time to his original time," Miller said.

“Hopefully Thanos dies," Myers said.

Industry predictions say “End Game” could make close to $260 million or more its opening weekend.

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