Hometown Hero - Hershel Frazier

Hometown Hero: Hershel Frazier

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Hershel Frazier is well known to DeQuincy area residents. For years, he's been writing songs and poems expressing his deep love of America and what it stands for. Frazier served in the Army as a medic following the Korean War.

“I was drafted right after they quit shooting in Korea,” recalled Frazier. “They had quit shooting but there was still a little skirmishing going on.”

Frazier served at Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco. His chief job was putting casts on wounded soldiers returning from MASH hospitals in Korea.

“I saw horrible things. Horrible things. I didn’t know what you could do to a human being and him still live, but they did.”

Frazier he learned a lot from those military days.

“You learn to care. You did everything you could to help make them as comfortable as possible, though sometimes it was impossible.”

Frazier is a big hit at local schools, where he’s asked to speak to classes about patriotism and what it means to be an American. Frazier has written over 25 patriotic songs and poems about America.

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