Water dangers big topic at National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans

Water dangers big topic at National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans
National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham said water is a large concern for residents in Louisiana. (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The National Hurricane Conference meeting is underway in New Orleans to help organizations and agencies get ready for future weather events.

The conference will serve as a national forum for federal, state and local officials to exchange ideas and recommend new policies to improve emergency management.

Tuesday, there will be over 1,500 attendees from all over the country to take classes and learn the best ways to prepare and get out information during a hurricane in order to save lives.

The director of the National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham, who also oversaw emergency management in the Slidell area for over a decade, said his experience makes him uniquely qualified during hurricane season.

"Ninety percent of fatalities during tropical systems is from water. We have to have more conversations about the dangers of water. We’re no strangers to that here in Louisiana,” Graham said.

He said preparation is key.

“It’s not just about the wind. Those impacts could go well inland and we have to be ready for the water," Graham explained.

Graham said the conference will also partly focus on ways to use social media to keep people informed, especially during times when homes may be without power and residents have to look to their phone for help.

The event wraps up Thursday.

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