SWLA resident finds road improvements unnecessary and a ‘humongous waste of money’

Resident complains road repairs are unnecessary and a "humongous waste of money"

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Usually, if people complain about a road, it’s because it’s not being repaired. But one man south of Lake Charles complains, his road is being repaired and doesn’t need it.

Roadwork is underway in the subdivision off East Tank Farm Road. But unlike most improvement projects, resident Ronnie Ingalls said the road is good and does not need repairs.

“Nobody out here likes it and I just think it’s a humongous waste of money that they could be spending on somewhere that really needs it,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls said it makes the road higher and that residents must deal with that.

“Where the blacktop stops we have to buy dirt and fill up all along the blacktop to build our yard back up, if not you’ll have a six-inch drop all along the property,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls said a worker said they had to spend the money or risk not receiving it next year.

“If it don’t get done in that time frame, they lose the money,” Ingalls said.

Calcasieu Parish Engineer, Tim Conner says that’s not true.

“That’s not something we lose. We already have a budget prepared for the following year. So, it’s not use it or lose it. That’s not the way we budget,” Conner said.

Conner said it’s regularly scheduled maintenance so they don’t have to rebuild.

“This road is going to receive a thin asphalt overlay which is about an inch and a half and that is to seal off the cap, the pavement to protect the bases underneath," Conner said. "So, the water that leaks into the pavement is really the number one enemy of our pavement.”

Conner said it’s like a homeowner repairing the roof.

You're not going to allow it to leak and get into the home where you're going to have additional costs replacing furniture, insulation, carpet.

Conner said for each dollar spent on maintenance they save up to three on rebuilding.

Conner said they have a three-year road plan based on a priority system and it’s available to the public.

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