Hundreds across SWLA line up for Good Friday seafood deals

Hundreds across SWLA line up for Good Friday seafood deals

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Many of us will mark the end of Lent season with family gatherings, so it’s no surprise that seafood sales increase dramatically during Easter weekend.

A big part of Good Friday and the Easter weekend in Southwest Louisiana is, of course, crawfish.

Good Friday is typically the biggest crawfish sales day of the year in Louisiana, as many Catholics who abstain from eating meat on the day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, line up to get their crawfish.

Despite an increase in prices this season, hundreds of people still decided to line up bright and early to get their fix of mud bugs at JT’s Seafood in Lake Charles.

For many it’s their one stop shop to celebrate a Good Friday tradition that most in Louisiana are accustomed to.

“We do this annually, I have all my children and 12 grandchildren over every Easter Friday,” Terry Barrett, a customer said.

Ashley Soileau, co-owner of JT’s said they started taking reservations had anywhere between 200-500 sacks of live crawfish already reserved for the weekend.

“Of course the last week our reservations almost doubled cause everyone tends to wait till the last minute," Soileau said.

Soileau said although the day may have started off slow, it took no time for the usual rush to start rolling in.

“We’ve been here at 5:30 in the morning with this parking lot full. This year is a little bit different, we’ve got a lot of reservations, we’re starting to get extra crawfish in so it’s not as crazy as some years," Soileau said.

However, crawfish wasn’t the only thing flying off the shelf this weekend.

“We serve at least 300 people that come in to buy the shrimp, crab meat and the catfish, besides the crawfish,” Eddy Duplantis, a worker at JT’s said.

And while this may be one of the biggest days of the year for seafood, owner, Brad Soileau said they aren’t forgetting the real reason for the season.

“It doesn’t matter how much crawfish we sell or how much shrimp we sell,” Brad said. “That’s all secondary, we got to remember who’s the creator, who created everything.”

Soileau said at this hour, supplies of fresh or cooked seafood may be running low, so some advice for anyone else craving the good stuff this weekend: Call your favorite shop before you run out to pick up a last minute order.

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