Tips for last minute tax filers

Tax deadline

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -It’s expected every year, but Jackson Hewitt Office Manager Monita Dejean said there are always filers who wait until the last minute.

You still have time to gather income and expense information from 2018 but if you can’t gather those W2s by midnight you can file for an extension.

“If they need to file an extension they just come in with their driver’s license or social security," Dejean said. "We just put in their information what they expect their debt to be and we electronically file.”

The extension grants filers a six month grace period, but, you’ll still need to pay what you owe now. If you can’t make it to a tax filing company you can go online.

Now for those who’ve already filed you may have noticed taxes looked different this year with many changes to the form. Dejean said it’s easier to file standard tax returns, meaning there are no itemizations. Dejean said it would be wise to look ahead to next year.

“Revisit your W4s, especially if they’ve been on their jobs for awhile and their withholdings are the same,” Dejean said. "Things change life changes. Those W4′s need to change as life changes.

So if you haven’t yet, get to filing.

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