The 44th annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes took place in Lake Charles

The 44th annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes took place in Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Sunday was the 44th annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes.

Five homes and one garden in between Lock Park and Drew Park downtown were open to the public.

The tour is put on by the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society to give people a glimpse into the older homes throughout the city.

“Back in the 70′s, there was an enormous development in the South part of the city, and the city was growing South, it’s still growing South," said Adley Cormier with the tour. "But we believe that there was property and architecture and value in the older parts of town, the higher parts of town, the more beautiful parts of town, the parts of town with trees and water access and so forth.”

The first home was the Laborde Home: Ming Grove on Shell Beach Drive.

The Laborde family lives there, but the home was designed by Sam Jones, the 46th Governor of Louisiana, and his wife, Louise.

This was the first and only home Mrs. Jones ever built.

The second home was Hoffpauir Home on Alvin Street.

The home has been updated many times by the owner, but they ensured that it’s history was preserved.

The third home was the Foret Home on Park Avenue.

It’s located in the Margaret Place Historic District. The home was built in 1919, and has been added on and remodeled since then.

The forth home was the Boyer Home on Alvin Street.

It was built in 1954 by Bill and Monnie Boyer, the current owner’s parents.

According to Gay Arnold, one of the home’s Docents, they redid the home’s floors, but used all of the original wood when doing so.

The fifth and final home is The Snider Guest House: Forth Ward Fire Station.

The home was originally the Forth Ward Fire Station, built in 1912.

By 1927, it was no longer in use, and for many years was used for several purposes.

In the 1990′s, a string of owners converted the property into a two story residence.

Today it is a guest house belonging to the family of Drs. Van and Lisa Snyder.

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