Fifth annual EggDrop Eggstravaganza in Jennings drops more than 50,000 Easter eggs from a helicopter for kids to hunt

KPLC 7 News at 6 - Oct. 6, 2018 - VOD - eggdrop eggstravaganza

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Saturday was the fifth annual EggDrop Eggstravaganza in Jennings. More than 50,000 Easter eggs were dropped from a helicopter for the egg hunt.

The event is put on by Our Savior’s Church in Jennings each year.

Mary Whitehouse is a volunteer with the event. She said it’s so wildly popular each year because parents know it’s a family friendly event to get their kids in the Easter spirit.

“It’s a family fun atmosphere," Whitehouse said. "They know that the kids are safe, we have people throughout, even people behind the scenes that you don’t necessarily know or recognize are with OSC, just kind of keeping their eyes out, making sure everybody’s safe, making sure everybody’s having a good time, and just having fun.”

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