Attorneys for Davis, Saltzman seek new trial

Attorneys for Davis, Saltzman seek new trial

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Robyn Davis and Carol “Sissy” Saltzman were in State District Court in Lake Charles, on Wednesday to determine if there is new evidence in their case.

It’s been nearly seven years since Davis and Saltzman were convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Davis’s husband, Brian.

It’s a circumstantial case that convinced jurors in 2012 that Davis and Saltzman killed Robyn’s husband after luring him to a remote area by faking car trouble. The jury came back with a guilty verdict in two hours.

Now, defense attorney Paul Barker is trying to show there’s evidence that warrants a new trial. He said one example of this new evidence is a fingerprint.

“So the fingerprint of some person that is not either one of the defendants in this case, nor is it the police officer we know now, suddenly there is some other fingerprint," Barker said. "Someone else touched the tire. Who is that someone else?”

However, Rick Bryant, who prosecuted the case, said the issues Barker raises are not relevant and can’t overcome the state’s case.

“They could have gotten everything in the world they’re complaining about," Bryant said. "They still couldn’t overcome the tremendous amount of evidence in this case. The jury was out less than two hours on a three week trial, which shows they were completely convinced that these two women were guilty.”

The defense presented testimony that DVDs of witness statements provided to the defense were improperly recalled by The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office on order of Bryant.

“This whole entire case is raising questions about his integrity, about what he did and did not disclose," Barker said. "I know Erin, and I know Shane Hinch as practitioners. Erin’s a fine paralegal in this city and I believe everything that they said about what happened.”

“That’s a complete fabrication," Bryant said. "We have open file discovery, we did at that time. I’ve always done it in all my cases whether it be KK’s Corner or Ricky Langley, I’ve always given open file discovery. They’re entitled to look at anything that we have. I have no reason to hide anything.”

If the judge finds in favor of Davis and Saltzman, the defense would go forward with a hearing to determine the validity of evidence the defense said is new.

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Written arguments are due by April 17 and Judge David Ritchie plans to rule on April 22.

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