Sulphur City Council revises wording on thru traffic ordinance

Sulphur City Council revises wording on thru traffic ordinance

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - A new ordinance set to crack down on traffic through residential areas in Sulphur left some drivers confused; some saying they didn’t know if they could use the roads without potentially getting fined hundreds of dollars.

The Sulphur City Council met Tuesday evening for a special meeting to pass an ordinance changing the wording to be more clear.

“We just want people to fully understand what it means. So, we felt like this way the best thing to do," Sulphur City Councilwoman Mandy Thomas said. "We consulted heavily with city staff and just different people. And like I said, we took into consideration just advice from residents.”

Thomas said City Hall and the Sulphur Police Department have received several phone calls since the ordinance was passed from concerned residents. Specifically, Thomas said, weight requirements for vehicles.

This lead the City Council to unanimously pass an ordinance Tuesday to change to wording to be more specific, leaving no room for confusion according to Thomas.

The ordinance will now read any commercial use vehicle with six wheels or more is not allowed to use residential roads, or they face the $500 fine for a first offense and $750 for a second offense, with $1,000 being the maximum fine. The City Council decided to remove the weight of the vehicles.

Thomas said there are several roads these commercial trucks can use.

“The actual truck route we ask people to use is they can use Beglis, Highway 27, City Service, La. Highway 108, Louisiana Highway 1256, Highway 90,” Thomas said.

The Sulphur Police Department says it has taken into consideration that some commercial trucks, like delivery trucks, must use these roads and that the ordinance is mainly targeting commercial trucks using the residential roads as a shortcut to avoid traffic.

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