Louisiana representatives react to Mueller report

Louisiana representatives react to Mueller report

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Many Republicans and Democrats are split on the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation after a four-page report was released Sunday (March 24), summarizing what United States Attorney General William Barr concluded from the special counselor’s probe into whether or not President Trump broke the law during the 2016 election.

Republicans, like Louisiana’s own House Minority Whip Steve Scalise are saying the report reveals what they claim to have known all along -that the president committed no crime.

“The Mueller report completely vindicates President Trump and raises serious questions about Democrats,” Scalise said. “You’ve been hearing from for the last several years, claiming collusion and criminal wrongdoing. And none of it turned out to be true.”

But Democrats echo the words of the special counsel, reiterating the report does not exonerate the president, as Trump declared it did when the findings were published.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Barr explicitly states that although he did not find sufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing within the investigation, that does not necessarily mean the president is in the clear.

“[Barr’s] conclusions raise more questions than they answer, given the fact that Mueller uncovered evidence that, in his own words, does not exonerate the president," Nadler said. "It is unconscionable that President Trump, who tried to spin the special counsel’s findings as if his conduct was remotely acceptable.”

However, there is one thing both parties can agree upon -- the report should be released to the pubic in its entirety. Robert Collins is a professor of public policy at Dillard University and he said until the whole report is published, we may never know the whole truth of the situation.

“We won’t really know that until we see the entire report,” Collins said. “Keep in mind, the summary is only four pages, so until we see the entire report, we won’t know the details. And, of course, the devil is in the details.”

And while he said there were no real surprises in the report -- no evidence of collusion or conspiracy with Russia -- Collins said there are ethically questionable activities which likely require further investigation.

“This is no longer a legal question, this is a political question,” Collins said.

Collins said he expects next to see the House Judiciary Committee conducting extended investigations for the next several months, if not years. And though some House Democrats believe there already enough evidence of ethical misdeeds to warrant impeachment hearings, Collinsa said an actual impeachment is an impossibility.

Not only do Republicans currently control the Senate, but Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already said she does not support impeachment efforts.

But still, with the next election inching nearer, there are other ways for Mueller’s investigation to impact Trump’s future in the Oval Office.

“The ultimate jury will be the American people in November of 2020,” Collins said.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy posted a tweet in support of publishing the entire report of Mueller’s probe Sunday afternoon, and voicing his support for President Trump.

Republican Senators John Kennedy did not return our requests for comment Sunday, nor did Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond.

Note: This story was updated to include a statement from Senator Cassidy after a representative from his office contacted FOX 8.

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