’I feel special’: Student with autism crowned prom king after classmate’s selfless act

'Edgar! Edgar!' Student with autism elated to win prom king

LAS VEGAS (KSNV/CNN) - A Las Vegas high school student who has autism says he'll remember his prom for life, after he was declared prom king by his classmates.

"Edgar! Edgar! Edgar! Edgar!" students at Liberty High cheered and chanted as 18-year-old Edgar Hernandez was crowned prom king.

Originally, Hernandez didn't make the top four on the prom court list.

But when another student that was in the top four found out, he decided to do something about it.

"I wanted him to make top four from the beginning. I just simply asked Edgar to take my place,” said Shaun Mabanta.

After giving up his spot, Mabanta started campaigning for Hernandez around school.

"Once we saw him being crowned prom king, it just brought tears to my eyes,” Mabanta said. “Literally a simple act can make such a big difference."

Now Hernandez says he'll carry these memories – and the crown – for the rest of his life.

"Special. I feel special,” he said.

The video of Hernandez’s big moment has already been seen of Facebook tens of thousands of times.

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